How sensible people end up doing stupid things.

I would like to think of myself as fairly sensible. I don’t actively do dangerous things or put myself at obvious risks,I am like most people I guess.

Currently there is across worldwide news the story of the three women who were kidnapped for ten years and it leads to the question, how do these things happen?

What I am about to say is my ridiculous conclusion not on the story but on…see title of post.

I was having an evening out with some friends this week, I had just finished university for the day and caught the bus home. I jumped off early on to the Queen’s road which is near the university and the last available stop before home to get some cash, food, drink etc. I have a favourite shop there called ‘Price Busters’, all I can do to describe it is to say, What don’t they sell! I had got my milk and cans of energy drinks and wanted a washing up bowl. So the guy takes me out to pick one. Obviously I am difficult and I want the one right at the back and at the bottom of the pile. I pay and as I am about to leave I see the bus home just outside.

The sky is thick with clouds, I have heavy bags and I am not waiting…

…so I run out of the shop after the bus. The kindly driver shuts his doors in my face as part of his sadistic power trip and ignores me. I didn’t give up.

So I run alongside the fairly full bus, waving my arms and banging my washing up bowl on the side like a maniac.

He drove off.

Today I jump off early again but timed the whole shopping needs to coincide with getting on the bus and not causing a scene. Well so much for every ten minutes because I waited for 45 minutes. I was so fed up watching cars and vans go by and no bus, I seriously contemplated asking the next van that parked outside ‘Price Busters’ if I could jump in the back and get a lift.

This is where a sensible person does a stupid thing!

No van came and the bus did. But it is public transport that I lay much blame on for stupidity. If the buses were reliable my fear of being stranded would have been void and a bus load of people would not have watched me pound a washing up bowl on the windows and scream like a banshee in the middle of the street, Also i would not have considered to consenting to kidnap, i would have relaxed for a mere 10 minutes until the next one came along.

Buses are the route to evil. Remember this, if I become an evil genius villain, the buses are the cause. Rise up minions, destroy the buses!


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