Blood may be thicker than water but it won’t do much in times of thirst

My title may be misleading and a bit odd but it means a whole lot that needs a blog attached to it.


Lets think about family. What does that mean to you?

It could mean a mum and a dad and perhaps siblings. It might have at some point become a step mum and a dad and a step dad and a mum and perhaps some step siblings thrown in with your already perhaps siblings.  Family can be as easy or as complicated as it wants to be.

Does family matter?

I started by looking at the nuclear family. I am not saying it’s the best…I’m not from a nuclear family so I don’t even have first hand experience of that let alone any authority on it. By family what I am really trying to boil down to is does blood really matter?

For example.

I came to be on this earth as a big accident. My parents decided to not be responsible and 9 months later I rocked up. About 8 months before that my dad decided he wasn’t signing up to the whole parenthood thing and off he went.

So I’m born, flipping gorgeous I might add,and my mother raises me as single parent. When I say single I mean my nanny and aunts and uncles and all the other people in between have been there along the way. She’s done most of the grafting but I have to thank so many other people that have contributed to this fabulousness. My father on the other hand wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. He had other kids (shinier and more his style I believe) and got married and still wanted absolutely nothing to do with me.

So a whole lot of life happened for me. Finding out my step dad wasn’t my dad (moved school at 6, Head teacher refers to Richard as “Charlie’s step-dad”, got home, “Mum, What’s a step-dad?”, earth shattering moment)and I had another dad to my sisters (in technical terms they are half but I love them with my whole heart) and then my mum and step dad divorcing and alllllllllll that mess. I got to 14 and thought it was time to meet my dad. My mum asked him and he said…..


That was pretty crushing but I got over it. The best thing I remember from that time in my life was my uncle Pete (non-blood relative but this blog is pointing out why that doesn’t matter) saying that he would be “proud” if I was his daughter. Another male figure in my life Rob and his wife Sam sent me a card saying that they thought the world of me and that it didn’t matter what my dad thought because he didn’t know me like they did.


I got to 15 and three quarters and fully developed my attitude. I decided I was going to meet him whether he knew it or liked it. He is a hairdresser (it’s how my parents met) and owns a salon in a town about 20 miles+ from my home town. So I rang up and booked an appointment under the name of Carrie Taylor. My aunt dropped me off and I went to meet my dad for the first time. I sat in the chair and my heart was racing. He was jokey and seemed nice. Well dressed and nothing how I imagined. I tried to see how he looked like me but it was hard to look for myself in a person.

“So Carrie, is this your first time here?”

“Erm yes it is.”

“Whereabouts are you from?”


“Oh I see, quite far to travel for a haircut, how come you chose to come here?”

“A er my friend Jess recommended it.”

“Oh great, Jess. I know her. How’s she getting on at work?”

“Erm It might be a different Jess.”

I relaxed and he chatted away about stuff, some stuff about my hair and what I wanted and then bits about his own life.

“I thought I was having a heart attack the other day, I was racing my bike and got some terrible chest pains and had to go to hospital”

I was worried then. I thought, Great I am about to give you another one!

“It turned out I had indigestion!”

I breathed a sigh of relief. But I decided I was going to let him discover who I was.

“So Carrie, who normally cuts your hair?”

“My mum. She’s a hairdresser but we always fight over it.”

“Ha just like me with my son. You don’t sound like you are from Kettering are your parents from them originally?”

“Well my mum was from Finedon.” I could see the penny starting to drop but I paused to let him get there himself.

“What’s your mum’s name?”


“You’re not Carrie are you? You’re Charlie, aren’t you?”

Now if you were expecting a fairy tale ending then tough luck they only exist in fairy tales! He was nice at first and apologized for ditching us and never contacting me and all the other stuff.

But then fast forward to now. I am 25 years old. He last spoke to me on the phone a year ago when he rang thinking I was his neighbour. He last saw me 4 years ago when I went for a haircut and he cut all my hair off so I wouldn’t go again to see him. He told me he won’t ever let me meet my brother or sister and generally speaking has come off as a big of a dick.


What have I learnt from this?

I have learnt that blood is only thicker than water in the literal sense and not in the metaphorical family ties thing. This man saw a picture of me as a baby and knew his blood ran through my veins and chose to turn his back on it. He then met this living breathing teenager with thoughts and hopes and aspirations of a relationship and chose to turn his back on it. He met this adult woman that was about to go to University and had a whole grown up life plan but wanted some thread of a relationship and chose to turn his back on it.

Do you have a step-parent that calls you their daughter/son? Can you think of a non-blood relative that does stuff for you without payment or letting you owe them? Are you part of a family of amazing people that care for you? Do you have gay parents that fought to make their house your home? Are you adopted?


Because these I have learnt that THESE are the people that love you. They made it their choice beyond any physical connection or blood tie. I have the most excellent extended family that keeps on getting bigger and better. So dear father….

I don’t need you. I am surrounded by far better examples of fathers and family than you could ever provide.


Looking good at 25

University messes with people’a heads and there perceptions. On a night out recently I was told I “look good for 25″.

Erm excuse me?

Good for 25?

Is that old?

This is a list of FHM’s top ten sexiest women 2014 in ascending order:

Scarlett Johansson (29), Nicole Scherzinger (36), Lucy Mecklenburgh (22), Beyonce (33), Mila Kunis (31), Kaley Cuoco (28), Emily Ratajkowski (23), Rihanna (26), Michelle Keegan (27), Jennifer Lawrence (24).

So it appears that there is still life even after the very ripe old age of 25 for the female body. I mean it is shocking that Nicole Scherzinger is 11 years older than myself and isn’t a great grandmother by now!

Seriously people, if you left school and went straight to University and you think that at 25 you are an adult with your whole life figured out then think again. Well done if you manage it but I am still enjoying the irresponsibilities of my twenties!

How to meet women

I feel that I have hit this strange old limbo place in my life right now. I am at University (as a semi mature student) but I live with my boyfriend, in a village which is fairly far from my parental home and I have recently stopped attending the church for the religion I was raised in. Lots of information there. But what this means is that in a short space of time I have moved away from some big circles of friendship groups.

So how do I meet women?

I am perhaps a bit young for the WI I love making jam etc but I am pretty sure that most members of the WI don’t generally share my enjoyment of going out and dancing like a praying mantis in a nightclub. And in my final year of University lots of people plan to either go back to their parents homes or move to London (where the streets are paved with gold and hopes and dreams) leaving me behind driving my tractor and all the other countryside stuff people in rural villages do. Of course I’ll visit my Uni friends in their new flashy lives but what about where I live?

Is joining a dating website to meet women going to end in disaster? I could put interested in Women and ‘Looking for Friendship’ but could that be seen as completely weird?

We have key points in our lives where we make friends;

1)Very early childhood- our relatives of a similar age and the children of our parents friends
2)Age 4+- School, classmates obvs (including primary and secondary)
3)Age 16 – college or sixth form or work
3)18- University or friends at work
4)Motherhood- in the playground we meet other mums or the mums of our kids friends

At this point I am in-between stage 3 and 4. I have my Uni friends but soon to leave and I am not quite ready to have the baby to work towards the playground mum meet.

What a pickle! I can’t be alone in the world when it comes to friend shift, can I? Are you part of the 20-30 age range, that has made big changes in their life and is finding that you are looking to meet girlfriends?

You never know when you have it so good.

Girl meets Boy.
Boy is the best.
Girl doesn’t appreciate what she has, freaks out about commitment and ends it.
Girl messes about.
Girl realises how good Boy was.
Boy with his heart of gold and wonderful forgiving person that he is takes her back although she does not deserve it.
Boy has an accident on his motorbike and goes to hospital.
Girl hears nothing…..

If you are given a second chance to be with someone after you treated them badly and they are taken away from you it’s like having all your insides removed.
I had made a huge mistake but Ben took me back and I was so happy. Life was going so well. I had my puppy (Ernie the mini schnauzer), I was living with Ben, we were having date nights and I was living the life I’d always wanted with the best person….

Hours went by without hearing how his operation had gone. “It’s just internal bleeding” was the last thing he text me at 4am before he went in.

My biggest fear as a child was internal bleeding. (I watched lots of hospital programmes with my aunt and that’s what always seemed to kill people off when you thought they were ok)

So here I am feeling the sickest I’ve ever felt. My heart in my mouth and bouts of tears. Poor Ernie was confused and kept climbing up for cuddles. And all I could do was wait.

Do you know what went through my head?

All I could think was… ‘Why did I let this man go and now I could lose him forever?’

I was lucky. Twice I was lucky. I was lucky he took me back. And now…

I am lucky he was ok. His operation went well and now I can spend time with the person I love most proving how much I love him.

Don’t ever be stupid like me. You don’t realise you are happy so you take it for granted and one day someone or something could take that happiness away and no amount of regret can take that back.

5 Shocking truths about Women!

1. Women have armpit hair, leg hair and most shocking of all pubic hair!

Yes stop the press the scandal is out. It’s not even just at the fault of men that women pluck, wax, tweeze and shave almost every square inch. The worst oppressors are other women. Who gives a monkeys really if someone decides to go au natural? There is no 11th commandment that says thou shall shave thou ninny! It’s up to you.


2. Women sweat

Boy oh boy do I. I do not glow or perspire…I really sweat buckets. I just do a crazy thing and wash lots so I don’t smell.

3. Women poop.

In a previous blog I wrote about this very subject. It is why women get tearful too. We aren’t really that emotional just dying for the loo!

4. Women burp

If you have met me in real life then it’s no secret. I may be a lady but I actually take great pleasure in the loudest, rudest burps I can make. Barney Gumble eat your heart out!

5. Women fart.

Well I don’t because I am perfect. Ahem. Men of planet earth take look at your girlfriend and if she hasn’t farted in front of you and you spend more than two days together then salute the trooper that she is (Don’t hug her or she’s going to explode). She has contorted her body and fought every inch of her being to hold that in just for you. If that isn’t love then I don’t know what is!


The Gender Test

Please take my short quiz to work out whether you are a Tom-Boy, Girly-girl, Man’s man or a Sissy-Boy. 


  1. You are invited to a party so you…

a) Turn up

b) Buy a new outfit

c) Choose something no one has seen you wear for ages

d) Don’t go.


     2. Your car breaks down so you…

a) Fix it by the side of the road

b) Call the AA/Green Flag/RAC

c) Cry 

d) Kick it and shout “You are a heap of crap!”


     3. Your ideal evening is spent…

a) Playing Video games

b) Dancing in a nightclub with friends

c) Watching a film at the cinema

d) Playing sport, watching sport, eating, living and breathing sport


      4. Your ideal film is…

a) Horror; blood, guts, blood, no storyline, blood, death and blood

b) Romantic Comedy: Simple boy meets girl. Love. Happiness. Hotties

c) Action; gratuitous violence, explosions, guns, Arnie, Bruce and all the gang

d) Art/Indie Film; beautiful scenes, emotional, perhaps subtitles.


      5. Your ideal date is….

a) Hiking and canoeing in Wales. Ahhh the fresh air!

b) A nice meal, candles, music. A time and a place to get to know each other.

c) First drinks at a cool bar then onto a gig and then a club and then back to yours ;-)

d) Burgers and Bowling. Pretty active but a very relaxed atmosphere.


Ok so here are the results

Mostly A’s:

You are whoever you want to be.

Mostly B’s:

You are whoever you want to be.

Mostly C’s:

You are whoever you want to be.

Mostly D’s:

You are whoever you want to be.

This is not a real test because they are horrible and offensive titles. Gender is such a confusing term. Don’t let a daft quiz or worse someone else tell you what/who/where/when and why.

You are whoever you want to be.