I wish I was a player

I think the hardest part of being me is my ability to fall in love with anything. As I tried to explain to my last boyfriend, love comes easy for me. My exact way of demonstrating this was to say “I could buy a new yogurt and I would be in love before I got to the bottom of the pot”.

I’m not about to appear on Channel 4 as a freak that married a yogurt but I am a sucker for love. I am a passionate either love it or hate it girl. Seen that episode of ‘Sex and the City’ where Carrie tries to behave like a man? Well she proved it was impossible with these stupid feelings we have engineered into our lady chromosomes. I can’t watch a Tv programme or film without practicing my new married signature with the lead actor’s surname.

But is just women? ‘500 days of Summer’ portrays Joseph Gordan-Levitt as a hopeless romantic blinded to the real pitfalls of love by songs and films. Similarly, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ gives us, unlucky for love, Ted. I can relate to both of them in so many ways and I hate it. It makes me wonder if there are men like them. If there are then where? And is this a good thing?

This whole post is my avoidance to do any University work and my hiding from the fact….

…I think I’m in Love.



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