The Men still wear the trousers.

I have been seeking far and wide for a pair of suit trousers that I can wear for interviews, and occasions I want to be a smarty pants. However I have come across nada.

I have been to many shops and found nothing that I like enough to be seen in. There are many problems I have been faced with; colour (the pathetic lack of choice; plain grey, plain navy and plain black), cut, length, material (shiny or matte), and overall style. While one pair might be the right colour they don’t seem to sit right. I managed to find one pair that looked OK, however they were too short on the ankle. The shop assistant suggested I order them in tall.

Because I am a giant right?


I am 5 ft 4. Petite sizes go up to 5 ft 3 so I have only just made it out of the munchkin section of the store by a mere inch. I, even in my own deluded world, do not qualify to shop in the BFG section of any shop!

So I had a wonder around the shop before I started launching clothing around. I ended up in the men’s section…

…what an array of trousers there were! More colours, even patterns! I thought how foolish I was to bother looking at the 3 styles and colours in women’s, when men’s literally offered over 50 pairs to try on.

I found myself plenty of trousers in 28″ short- my jeans size- and skipped down to the dressing room…

Problem number two occurred.

I could not fit my hips or my bum into these trousers because I forgot that I am not a man that lacks Latino hips and a big butt. Instead I am a woman with in-the-way hips and junk in the trunk.

(Cue hurricane of trousers launched around the dressing room.)

So yes very few men wear skirts. Obviously this means they get a decent choice in trousers. However why do women not get this same choice? Or at least close to? I found that the trousers offered to women were more expensive and yet a cheaper quality. That makes no sense to me. Fewer choices, worse quality and higher pricing. In the workplace (yes women can be seen there- they even let them in the pubs now) women shouldn’t have to remind people of their femininity by wearing skirts and dresses. Both are a personal fashion choice. It seems to me, however, that the fashion industry still dictates what items of clothing women can wear.

I pledge more choices for trousers!


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