Looking good at 25

University messes with people’a heads and there perceptions. On a night out recently I was told I “look good for 25”.

Erm excuse me?

Good for 25?

Is that old?

This is a list of FHM’s top ten sexiest women 2014 in ascending order:

Scarlett Johansson (29), Nicole Scherzinger (36), Lucy Mecklenburgh (22), Beyonce (33), Mila Kunis (31), Kaley Cuoco (28), Emily Ratajkowski (23), Rihanna (26), Michelle Keegan (27), Jennifer Lawrence (24).

So it appears that there is still life even after the very ripe old age of 25 for the female body. I mean it is shocking that Nicole Scherzinger is 11 years older than myself and isn’t a great grandmother by now!

Seriously people, if you left school and went straight to University and you think that at 25 you are an adult with your whole life figured out then think again. Well done if you manage it but I am still enjoying the irresponsibilities of my twenties!


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