How to meet women

I feel that I have hit this strange old limbo place in my life right now. I am at University (as a semi mature student) but I live with my boyfriend, in a village which is fairly far from my parental home and I have recently stopped attending the church for the religion I was raised in. Lots of information there. But what this means is that in a short space of time I have moved away from some big circles of friendship groups.

So how do I meet women?

I am perhaps a bit young for the WI I love making jam etc but I am pretty sure that most members of the WI don’t generally share my enjoyment of going out and dancing like a praying mantis in a nightclub. And in my final year of University lots of people plan to either go back to their parents homes or move to London (where the streets are paved with gold and hopes and dreams) leaving me behind driving my tractor and all the other countryside stuff people in rural villages do. Of course I’ll visit my Uni friends in their new flashy lives but what about where I live?

Is joining a dating website to meet women going to end in disaster? I could put interested in Women and ‘Looking for Friendship’ but could that be seen as completely weird?

We have key points in our lives where we make friends;

1)Very early childhood- our relatives of a similar age and the children of our parents friends
2)Age 4+- School, classmates obvs (including primary and secondary)
3)Age 16 – college or sixth form or work
3)18- University or friends at work
4)Motherhood- in the playground we meet other mums or the mums of our kids friends

At this point I am in-between stage 3 and 4. I have my Uni friends but soon to leave and I am not quite ready to have the baby to work towards the playground mum meet.

What a pickle! I can’t be alone in the world when it comes to friend shift, can I? Are you part of the 20-30 age range, that has made big changes in their life and is finding that you are looking to meet girlfriends?


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