You never know when you have it so good.

Girl meets Boy.
Boy is the best.
Girl doesn’t appreciate what she has, freaks out about commitment and ends it.
Girl messes about.
Girl realises how good Boy was.
Boy with his heart of gold and wonderful forgiving person that he is takes her back although she does not deserve it.
Boy has an accident on his motorbike and goes to hospital.
Girl hears nothing…..

If you are given a second chance to be with someone after you treated them badly and they are taken away from you it’s like having all your insides removed.
I had made a huge mistake but Ben took me back and I was so happy. Life was going so well. I had my puppy (Ernie the mini schnauzer), I was living with Ben, we were having date nights and I was living the life I’d always wanted with the best person….

Hours went by without hearing how his operation had gone. “It’s just internal bleeding” was the last thing he text me at 4am before he went in.

My biggest fear as a child was internal bleeding. (I watched lots of hospital programmes with my aunt and that’s what always seemed to kill people off when you thought they were ok)

So here I am feeling the sickest I’ve ever felt. My heart in my mouth and bouts of tears. Poor Ernie was confused and kept climbing up for cuddles. And all I could do was wait.

Do you know what went through my head?

All I could think was… ‘Why did I let this man go and now I could lose him forever?’

I was lucky. Twice I was lucky. I was lucky he took me back. And now…

I am lucky he was ok. His operation went well and now I can spend time with the person I love most proving how much I love him.

Don’t ever be stupid like me. You don’t realise you are happy so you take it for granted and one day someone or something could take that happiness away and no amount of regret can take that back.


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