5 Shocking truths about Women!

1. Women have armpit hair, leg hair and most shocking of all pubic hair!

Yes stop the press the scandal is out. It’s not even just at the fault of men that women pluck, wax, tweeze and shave almost every square inch. The worst oppressors are other women. Who gives a monkeys really if someone decides to go au natural? There is no 11th commandment that says thou shall shave thou ninny! It’s up to you.


2. Women sweat

Boy oh boy do I. I do not glow or perspire…I really sweat buckets. I just do a crazy thing and wash lots so I don’t smell.

3. Women poop.

In a previous blog I wrote about this very subject. It is why women get tearful too. We aren’t really that emotional just dying for the loo!

4. Women burp

If you have met me in real life then it’s no secret. I may be a lady but I actually take great pleasure in the loudest, rudest burps I can make. Barney Gumble eat your heart out!

5. Women fart.

Well I don’t because I am perfect. Ahem. Men of planet earth take look at your girlfriend and if she hasn’t farted in front of you and you spend more than two days together then salute the trooper that she is (Don’t hug her or she’s going to explode). She has contorted her body and fought every inch of her being to hold that in just for you. If that isn’t love then I don’t know what is!



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