The Gender Test

Please take my short quiz to work out whether you are a Tom-Boy, Girly-girl, Man’s man or a Sissy-Boy. 


  1. You are invited to a party so you…

a) Turn up

b) Buy a new outfit

c) Choose something no one has seen you wear for ages

d) Don’t go.


     2. Your car breaks down so you…

a) Fix it by the side of the road

b) Call the AA/Green Flag/RAC

c) Cry 

d) Kick it and shout “You are a heap of crap!”


     3. Your ideal evening is spent…

a) Playing Video games

b) Dancing in a nightclub with friends

c) Watching a film at the cinema

d) Playing sport, watching sport, eating, living and breathing sport


      4. Your ideal film is…

a) Horror; blood, guts, blood, no storyline, blood, death and blood

b) Romantic Comedy: Simple boy meets girl. Love. Happiness. Hotties

c) Action; gratuitous violence, explosions, guns, Arnie, Bruce and all the gang

d) Art/Indie Film; beautiful scenes, emotional, perhaps subtitles.


      5. Your ideal date is….

a) Hiking and canoeing in Wales. Ahhh the fresh air!

b) A nice meal, candles, music. A time and a place to get to know each other.

c) First drinks at a cool bar then onto a gig and then a club and then back to yours 😉

d) Burgers and Bowling. Pretty active but a very relaxed atmosphere.


Ok so here are the results

Mostly A’s:

You are whoever you want to be.

Mostly B’s:

You are whoever you want to be.

Mostly C’s:

You are whoever you want to be.

Mostly D’s:

You are whoever you want to be.

This is not a real test because they are horrible and offensive titles. Gender is such a confusing term. Don’t let a daft quiz or worse someone else tell you what/who/where/when and why.

You are whoever you want to be.




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