Material for Boyfriends

So Dr. Frankenstein had this crazy idea right. He had the idea to make up a man from bits of other men to create a new (yet old because he used second hand materials) person. His mistake was that he got his material from evil people and he didn’t really nurture his new being and then BOOM awful crazy stuff happened.


Then let us go into another classic cultural reference…


Anyone remember that episode of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ where I think it was Aunt Hilda decides to make a boyfriend. I think it was out of either wax or dough I can’t totally remember. But yeah basically she makes up her ideal man.


Where am I going with this?


Ok so I am most definitely not looking for a boyf right now (I do enjoy the dates and the snogging but that’s all really. I don’t like the labels baby) but imagine if you could do a Frankenstein/Hilda type process and make up the ideal man.

I mean that would be terrible and offensive to men to treat them like meat and pick and choose what we liked about their bodies….

But think hard about the kind of man you could make. Here is my concoction…

1) Kelly Jones’ singing voice and song lyrics.

To be fair he is almost the full package but his voice is incredible.

2) Niall Morris’ Face and body

If you are a Leicester Tigers fan then you know what I mean. D-E-Li-Cious

3) Marshall Erikson’s  (played by Jason Segel) personality

Fun, loyal, loving and I know he would be top boyf material

4) John McClane’s (played by Bruce Willis) fight tough attitude

Nobody is messing with you when your boyfriend is this hard!

and lastly

5) Adam Richman’s appetite 

Ok so I am a feeder and for some odd reason to feed a man with a roaring appetite would keep me silly happy!


So ladies (and gentleman) have a little think about the kind of material you would use to make your boyfriend.



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