I am plain awful for being redonk distracted and the person I blame most is myself.

I could make a career out of faffing about. It takes me hours to get ready for anything not because I spend ages doing my make up, that takes ten minutes but I just mess around. 

I am in a real struggle at the moment. I have been back in my house for two days and this is the progress I have made…


1. Empty suitcase

2. Organize clothes on my bed into piles of hanging up stuff and drawer stuff

3. Got bored and watched TV

4.Invited a friend over for dinner

5.Went to bed but my clothes were on it so I put them back in the suitcase.


So the progress I have made is nothing. I am exactly were I started when I walked through the front door. I came back to write my essays before Uni started and do you know how much progress I have made with those?

I have written a blog every day. The essays have not even been started.

I thought I would have more focus as I grew up. Evidently I have even less.


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