(Insert cliché title about men and women being different.)

Aside from the obvious physical differences aren’t we just two very different species and a whole other lot in-between.


I’ve only ever been a girl/lady (I double checked with my mum that I was definitely born female after reading an article in CosmoGirl, she confirmed it) so I know that ain’t no picnic at times but let me imagine how it feels to be a man.


So being a man comes with so many unwritten rules. My favorite being; “Never look another man in the eye whilst eating a banana.” and having bits and pieces on the outside of the body that are geographically open for sudden and excruciating pain. But on a more serious note there are social constraints about what being a MAN really means. You have the whole no crying thing, the clothing, dealing with not dealing with emotions, the forced hobbies, the cars, the outdoors and lots of social norms that bind a person into putting on a whole pantomime to perform this man image.


But the one thing that really pisses me off and I mean really pisses me off is the ‘playing it cool’ thing.

Do you know how shit it is to let your guard down and like someone? Bloody hard. I am not saying write me poems and declare undying love for me. I am not saying build a future with me, marry me and give me babies

but why put anyone through feeling like you don’t give a shit if you actually in fact do give a shit. (This is totally hypothetical. I don’t have a heart. I am a robot and I am incapable of feelings. And read away at this blog as it is hypo-bleeding-thetical. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.) We all like the excitement of the early stages and seeing where things go. No one likes having to make effort to massage anyone’s ego.


I think all we really want, either gender, is just some honesty.

“Thanks but no thanks baby I am not for you”


“Yes your bum does look big in that but I really like you and I am pretending I don’t care that much because I am being a manly man. Now wench I am off to drink some beer, burp and chop some wood whilst my beard bristles in the breeze.”


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