Over the hill?

I worked for a few years before I went to Uni to find out what I wanted to do. I had a great time too. I had a fairly decent paying job for my age so all my money went on myself and having a good time. I went to tonnes of house parties and it was great. As I went straight from school to work lots of my friends were a fair bit older than me and I had grown up hanging out with people that were older too. All of this always made me the baby of the group.


Then something strange happened….


I went to Uni and suddenly I was so much older!

I was 23 when I started Uni and lots of the people around me were 19. I didn’t think it was that much of an age gap or big deal until people said things like; “Oh my god! I’d never have known!”, “Wow you still look good” and the worst one…”What the fuck have you been doing for four years?”


I started thinking ‘Am I old???’


New Girl came on Tv. My fave guurrrl Zooey Deschannel is 33! Yes 9 years older than me (I am 24 now). She is girly, cute and young at 33. If she can still be young then why can’t I?

But my favorite example is probably Monica from Friends when she is referred to as “a Twinky in the city” when she is dating Richard. And how old was she?


So yeah I am not fresh from school into Uni and yeah I am slightly older but sweet lord am I having so much fun. Being older and having saved lots of money and partied all over the place just means I am enjoying being young for so much longer.


Loveeeeeeeeee it!



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