Conversational faux pas

Normally I never go to the doctors as I hate it. I try to save up my illnesses so that I don’t feel I’m wasting anyone’s time. Recently however I have actually been really poorly so I have been back and forth (spending a bleeding fortune on prescriptions!!). It wasn’t until today when I spotted someone I sort of knew that I thought how hard it is to start a conversation at the doctors.

You want to naturally say, “Hey, how are you?”.

Duhhhh not very well, hence the reason they are here!!

Or “Hey, fancy seeing you. What are you here for?”

Erm; Athlete’s foot, Pregnancy scare, Acne, Mystery rash, Ear ache, Chronic squits, Stomach cramps, Leaking….

…Well they could be in for a number of things but a)Once you know something you can’t unknow it and b)Hello! As if anyone really wants to be asked!

It is odd how these exact two greetings work literally anywhere else but here. I got asked when I was in the Dentist what I was there for and that was no big deal at all. If anything I love to share at the dentist because I actually enjoy going and I like to freak out waiting patients. But when it comes to the doc…nah uh no way!

So you are best to just nod then scurry to a seat. The Doctor’s waiting room is one of the very few acceptable environments where absolute silence is perfectly fine.


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