The Leicester List

Second year of Uni and as I did last year I have started a list of stuff that I must achieve this year.

I am not talking about big life achievements because Uni is one in itself. Aside from the drag of studying books I abore and writing essays unfit for chip paper I want to explore what being a student is. Like many students I hope not to have to move back home after I graduate but if I do move back I want to have feel like I did my best at living in the city.

If you want to make the most out of being a student and your city then do what my Gee and I have done and compose a list.

There are three categories;

1) Pubs, Bars and clubs.

If you have a fairly eventful student union then it is easy to be sucked up in the same routine of student nights. This is fine but defeats the point of getting to enjoy where you live. Aim to have gone to at least 15 of the pubs/bars that are within a 2 mile (suitable stagger distance) radius of home. You could end up listening to a great live band, getting some strange but helpful advice from a local or even meeting the love of your life (Long shot!!!). This is probably the most expensive category as unlike the union the drinks aren’t always going to be über cheap fuzzy brain making syrup, however the advantage is that you won’t be surrounded by tight fisted students so someone may actually offer to buy you a drink without dry humping your leg first.

2) Food

No I do not mean tour the takeaways of the area. Being in a big city or a different city can mean great food if you are willing to look for it. Try skipping the public transport or jumping off the bus early and exploring. There must be places you’ve never tried or cuisines. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy restaurant but it could be a food market, small vending stall or cafe. Being different doesn’t have to be big budget. Some local cafes or restaurants may do a taster evening or events so look out for these.

3) Friends, Frivolities and Free stuff

Cities are expensive to live in so that’s where you look for freeeeeeeeee stuff to do. Parks to laze around in the summer, museums and galleries in the winter. I tried following Leicester@things2doinleic on Twitter so I’m updated about different things going on. We also added on our list different fancy dress themes to try out or just really simple stuff like a film night or a Come Dine With Me evening. The friends section is easy because it’s just about making time for people and all that has to be is a cup of coffee somewhere.

So make yourself a list because if in years to come you want to bring your kids or boring grown up friends to your Uni town you need to have actually been outside of the University to show them you were once fun and/or interesting.


One thought on “The Leicester List

  1. My cousin told me there is a really good deli 5 minutes into the centre from the station. Can’t remember what it’s called. I am practically a human timeout..

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