Girls are angry because…

Of poo.

Yes pooing.

Where the hell can we do it when not in the comfort of our own homes?!?

If you have a boyfriend and you go to his house/his parents house then that is obviously a massive no go area. What if they hear? What if there is no air freshener and the window doesn’t open and you just dropped a P-bomb that could kill a man? Or worse still what if it doesn’t flush?! This happened to me at my best friend’s house and it nearly killed me! I was forced to hide it by wallpapering the loo with toilet paper and then running away and not speaking to her for a few days.


Then you have your place of work. As a woman the unwritten rule is no twos in work time. Plus any lunch break you have shouldn’t be wasted on the toilet.

So where is left?

Oh glory and sweet relief comes in the form of a department store toilet! They still count as a public place which is usually forbidden but as proper public loos are rank, too rank even for a lady to do the dirty the next best is a John Lewis or Debenhams. They are cleaner for a start, you can blame a long queue as your reason for taking your time and as you enter the cubicle you let out a groan of disgust to signal to everyone that whatever malodour is lingering was the person before.

So let go your rage fair ladies and get yourself down town and be sweetly relieved!


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