Crime Vigilante

Today’s theory is brought to you by sheer boredom.


I am into my fourth week of being back to Uni and don’t get me wrong I love being back but I’m starting to hit the wall of monotony. 

As a person I bore very easily and I have the attention span of a… what’s that out of the window? New neighbours? New car? Don’t recognise them. Hmm very interesting.

Sorry where was I? Oh yeah so I get fed up quickly in a routine. I like structure sure, who doesn’t. Animals get regular food in a Zoo and are free from predators but they feel the need to try and escape every now and then. And so it’s just my basic instincts that make me do this. 


For me boredom leads to frustration and frustration leads to anger. What’s a healthy way to vent my anger when I’m not able to play rugby….become a crime fighting vigilante! 

I know I already have a super power, it’s rubbish but has its uses. I have been blessed/cursed with a super human sense of smell. Seriously it’s insane what my snozzle is capable of working out. My vigilante name is hard to suss to match my power and not sound plain stupid. Also costume is hard, my first thoughts were green as it is my favourite colour. This had its problems as it brings to the mind, as my nose is the power, snot and bogies and then that implies I have a blocked nose which I most certainly do not. 


Superman had it easy because his dad gave him his costume and Batman only had one obvious colour and name choice. If anyone can help please comment below or feel free to tweet me CharlieWhitham with suggestions. My nan is on standby to whip up my costume.



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