I spend every day learning. Being at University or in education makes me no exception. We all learn constantly. It’s something I love. I love to learn new things and through this I guess comes people. New friends are always welcome but it’s the best to find out something about an old friend you didn’t know. A pleasant surprise.

However I have found learning about myself often unpleasant. We all deep down have a tiny narcissist living inside of us making our thoughts and feelings the sum of the world. To us it is because it is our world. I have accepted this little person and try hard not to let it dominate. But the person I most dislike in all the world is my bully.

I always strive to maintain that I am not a judgemental person and accept everyone I meet and accept whatever they are. I like to be deeply interested in people which often consumes me as I try to solve their problems, even without being asked. Warning: never tell me a problem you have off hand that you don’t want solving or looking into for example if you have a job issue and tell me I will devote part of my day to finding you a job or updating your CV. I have even got myself on physical fights on the behalf of others because I think I can protect my friends from the world. But still my bully exists.

I have very sadly been very harsh about people on a snap thought and made hasty conclusions about those I call dear friends before I ever knew them. I have said awful things that make me feel most unworthy of their friendship and kindness. This is a part of learning I have disliked. I therefore need to practice to be a better person. Learning is a choice. It is continual. Now I have discovered this error in my nature I will strive to control that bully and never let it meet another or make a snap judgement.


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