Calling all Freshers

I am probably joining a long list of people that pass on what they believe to be wisdom they have gathered from their first year at university. Really I am just giving you my opinion on what I would do differently and if you choose it as advice I hope it works but if you make my mistakes….you idiot!!!


so here is my list of do’s and avoids (I have done some of these and observed idiots doing them)

1.Try not to try ‘Bedroom Gymnastics’ with a neighbour, someone in your dorm/block or building in Freshers Week. Heard of the expression “Don’t s*** where you eat”? Well it applies here. It may seem a good idea, they may seem cool but do you really want to walk past them everyday knowing they’ve seen your lady china or Mr Poke and they are actually a total freak or it’s incredibly awkward?


2.People change. It happens every year; the rush for second year housing. Don’t get caught up thinking it will all go and you will be stuck living in a bus shelter. Try to look at a few houses but even more importantly try to get to know the people you are thinking of living with.


3. Work hard enough to do better than pass. Passing your first year is acceptable but it makes it more satisfying if you have achieved something in your first year that prepares you for your second year.


4. If you are in a relationship remember to make enough time to make new ones. Being with someone at Uni is hard when you aren’t at the same one but if you let all your weekends and time go to your partner it’s hard to make friends. If you do end up breaking up you can find yourself in a very lonely place because you haven’t spent the time with your flat or course mates.

5. Enjoy yourself. First term I was boring and made very little effort with people. I should’ve been like my Gee and been everyone’s friend and had time for everyone. Second term I feel I did some redeeming but still….Go for it peeps! Be hungry for friends even after Freshers week has ended. You can never have too many.

Which also leads to the greatest decision I ever made…

6.Joining the rugby team. Rugby isn’t for everyone (Freak, Weirdo, I hate you never read my blog again if you don’t like rugby) but being part of something that makes you feel good and gives you a non-alcohol based yet fun break from work is awesommmeeee. It also means NEW SHINY people that can be your friend who doesn’t currently live in halls with you or do your subject. Lovely!


So that’s all I can think of for now.Hope you get into your first choices and have a wonderful first year xxxxxxxxx


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