Students are like learner drivers.

Warning: This post contains a rant and biting sarcasm

At some point everyone one that owns a licence that enables them to drive a car was a ‘Learner Driver’. Some people forget very quickly once they have passed their test how it feels to be at the wheel for the first time or going through the nervous stages of roundabouts and dual carriageway entry. I have never forgot the first time I went onto a dual carriageway because I actually shut my eyes as we went down the ramp and my instructor screamed at me to open my eyes. The people that forget will huff and puff at the Learners and get all shirty if they are too slow or do something silly and act like they had never made a mistake because they were born behind the wheel. (Or they are so old and uptight they were there at the invention of it!)

This is almost the identical attitude towards students.

I am writing a blog post at 15.15pm on a Tuesday but really I should be publically flogged for having time on my hands. I may go out for a drink tonight with some friends and not get up until 2pm (the 2pm thing would never happen, I hate to waste a day in bed like that!) for which I should be put in the stocks and have rotted fruit thrown at me because I dare to not have any real responsibilities.

Well you can shove it.

It’s all the people that hate their stupid jobs or have overburdened themselves with things that make their days run past them that complain. If you were a student once then you had your time. You did your stupid things. And you wasted your precious time. And you squandered your money on pointless things and drink. And you did this at a fraction of the price.

Yes some students are butt heads and do stupid things but I worked for four years in a job I royally disliked and so now…I’m having my time. So all your snide remarks and sarcastic comments…eat them. I am wearing flip flops on a rainy afternoon, drinking coffee and watching ‘Friends’. I am living the dream!



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