Everyone has a crazy family but when do I win the award ?

Finished packing for University, my last big pack for halls. Believe it or not but; 2 massive food bags, a 30kg suitcase, make up hold all, book bag, rucksack, loose hangers, radio bag, towels and bed linen bag and shoes and DVD bag and two handbags; is my lightest pack yet.

I come from a long line of over packers and over thinkers but the worst of it skips a generation. I live on the edge compared to my mum so it’s my kids that will inherit the over prepared gene. People think I’m odd when I go for a weekend away and take 10 pairs of knickers but it’s my mum that truly takes the biscuit.

Take for example my university pack up. This actually includes an emergency rucksack. It has* enough food and drink to last two weeks (*had, I’ve actually had a few emergencies since at Uni, if you were ever catered you know what i mean) and also has a torch, whistle, first aid kit, knickers and other things that may come in useful after being stranded on a desert island or after an earthquake or any other natural disaster.

I’ve either been worn down by the exposure to my mum or I’m just crazy myself because I can almost see her point on this occasion.

The final straw for my sisters and I came after mum came up with an emergency drill too far. It started with a fire drill practice. Mum would set off the fire alarm and we’d all have to get out of the house and she’d time us. This was put to an end when my sisters reached their teens and finally refused to do it as all running out of the house on to the street was embarrassing. The water raft in the attic, the all weather survival tents, fire practice and the rucksacks were all excepted even if we did think it was madness. But then came hurricane drill….

So please when your parents dance at a family party or do something weird in front of your friends and you think that’s embarrassing, spare a thought for my sisters and I probably going through zombie drill or alien invasion drill. Perhaps they won’t seem that bad after all.


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