Getting my boobs out in Tesco

I’m back to University on Sunday so I thought I’d stock up on some food supplies. I’m a terrible food shopper because I skimp on really important staple food but then blow all my budget on fancy stuff that I should avoid. Which of course is really unusual and totally unique for a student, I must be the only student that does it in the whole entire universe. So on top of cereal, Polish soup, noodles; I piled my trolley with silly expensive coffee, Oreos (I’m not endorsing Oreos, there are other two layer biscuits available)  and room fragrances.

In the cereal/biscuit aisle I had a quick spin round to make sure nothing else took my fancy and clearly had some kind of dumb expression smeared across my face which caused a male shop assistant to come over.

He said, “You appear to be lost miss.”

“Oh no, I was just checking I hadn’t forgotten anything”

As I spoke I saw his eyes dart down to my chesty area…. (A piece of history on the outfit I was wearing, it is a flowery dress that has silly tiny buttons which undo themselves at random occasions)

…as soon as his eyes shot down I froze thinking “Oh no not now” but I stared him directly in the eyes and telepathically tried to do the buttons up.

“Ok then, if you need any help just ask” And he went off.

I looked down and saw two reasons why the spotty little dweeb was eager to become my personal shopper. Red faced I quickly buttoned up the girls and hid my face for the rest of the shop.

Embarrassing my self = Standard day


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